Descendent Families
Robert Cowden


04/03/1767. Birth

05/16/1845. Death


This Robert Cowden was the writer's grandfather He eloped with and was married to Miss Catharine daughter of John Stillwagon residing in the community. He was but nineteen and she two years older. The parents on both sides were displeased possibly because of his extreme youth. No parental unkindness is known to have been shown them later except it may be that for this cause his father left him without legacy. Having met some financial reverses after the loss of his wife he moved to Ohio and settled on a farm near Skelley's Station in Jefferson County where he resided until his death. He also married a Mrs or Miss Adrian but whether in Pennsylvania before migration or in Ohio after is not known. The latter is suspected Of this woman nothing more is known except that she was a Baptist and that in his last years he worshiped also in that connection. The writer had the privilege of a visit to his grave and to the remains of the log church in which he last worshiped. His departure from this life was just a century after that of his grandfather William Cowden. During this latter period of his life he made four trips on flat boats from Pittsburgh to New Orleans carrying merchandise which he sold with the boat also and returned each time on foot. At his death he left about one hundred dollars to each of his children or to their heirs.

Ancestral Families

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