Descendent Families
Andrew Babcock


01/01/1731. Birth
Devon, England

1773. Moves to America
New York, USA

1776. Marriage to Susan White
Sterling Lake, Orange County, New York, USA

-1/78/1779. Blacksmithing
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

1787. Moves to Pennsylvania
Red Stone, Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA

01/16/1801. Death
Green County, Pennsylvania, USA


"Andrew Babcock: born January 1, 1731, Devonshire, England, died January 16, 1801, came to New York City in 1773 accompanied by his brother Edward (Edward died 1774). He married Susan White 1776, born July 29, 1753, died September 20, 1812. He helped forge the Great Chain at Nobles forge. Moved to Baltimore, Maryland where he worked at the blacksmith trade. He settled in Red Stone, Greene county, Penn., 1787. After his death (1801) his widow and four small children had a boat or raft built and floated down the Mongahola River to Hamilton County near Cincinnati. It is said this boat was built by Brother Masons. Later Susan married Daniel Wilson. No children.

Account of Andrew and Susan Babcock written by son James Babcock:

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