Thanks for visiting this collection of genealogical information. Since I concocted the programming for this website myself, you may run into a few bugs here and there, but it's gradually getting better. Ultimately, I'd like these names & dates to be mostly documented, and therefore somewhat accurate. But until then, I hope this will at least provide some leads to aid you in your searches.

The Goods

There are currently three main ways of accessing the database. You can either click on one of the links below, or on one of the "VIEWS" icons at the top of the page:

Index Of Names. Probably the best place to start if you know for whom you're searching. This is an alphabetical listing of all the people in the database. Clicking on a name brings up a single person view for that individual
Single Person View. This focuses on a single individual and their immediate family. Clicking on a name within a family jumps to a page for just that person, and so on.
Document Library. Collections of original photographs and documents hosted on this site.


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This genealogical information is always being revised and is not necessarily accurate. As with any other information found on the internet, or published in family histories, genealogies, etc., it is up to you to verify the accuracy of any information you choose to use in your own genealogy work.

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